Sunday, June 24, 2012

Plumbing, Ductwork and Pictures!

Things have been moving along very nicely! We had a meeting with our PM last Monday and we walked our property line. There were three stakes, on said 46/47 and there were two that said 46 that were near each other. Our PM said it was because our neighbor's have a bump out in there property line and the multiple ones saying 46 was marking their bump out, but ours was the stake that said 46/47. Makes sense. Found out where the outlets were going to be on the outside of the house and the hose hooks ups are on the outside. Only one on either side of the house. I was hoping for one in the front and back. Slight disappointment but I could make it work with two on the side I think.

They were supposed to start the roofing last Wednesday but the framers didn't finish the roof till Thursday so they put all the roofing materials up there Thursday. They didn't do anything thing Thursday because it was crazy hot. It was the first 100 degree day we've had thus far. I don't blame them for not wanting to be up on the roof. I know I wouldn't! They finished the roofing on Friday just in time before a big storm hit. Thank goodness.

We went out Saturday and walked through and we have most of the plumbing done and they have started on the duct work. Yay! So here are lots of pictures!

Shingles on the roof!

Side of it.

Another view

Supplies for the ductwork in the garage

Almost done

An air vent!

First floor powder room with plumbing

Family room

Morning room and hubby looking at the plans.

More plumbing!

Master bath tub!!

Guest bathroom

Master bath shower

Where the double sinks will go in the master bath

More stuff in the loft

Plumbing in the laundry room

Look what I can do with my windows!

Looking from the family room into the formal living and dining room

A view of the back corner of the house


  1. I hope our windows are like that! It makes it so much easier to clean!

  2. Rachel, the windows are awesome! It does make for easier cleaning! I hope we get them too. And still love the brick steps. Too cute!

    1. Thank you! I wonder if they are a Ryan Homes standard feature. I don't remember being given the option for upgraded windows. haha.

    2. I am going to check with our SR! I would love to have those windows! I am not the cleaning type person so every little bit counts! If not, I will be hiring maid service. I hate cleaning grout and I don't do windows! lol However, I am willing to do them if they look like those. lol

  3. Wow! They are moving so fast!

  4. Hope the plumbing went well. One tip I can give for plumbing, if it’s not too late already, is to not use galvanized steel. You often see galvanized steel mixed in with copper plumbing, with nothing more than a thread of sealant or Teflon plumbing tape to separate them. It can be trouble-free for years, but it might also corrode quickly as soon as the connection is tightened.

    Darryl Iorio

  5. Selecting what kind of material you use for your plumbing will definitely have an effect in the long run. Steel has a tendency to corrode, while PEX piping can be a good alternative. PEX pipes are more burst-resistant due to its flexibility to expand and contract, and it has a shut-off valve for each supply line, which will definitely make it more convenient for you when you have to do maintenance or repairs.

    Carmella Vancil

  6. I agree with Carmella, although I would prefer plastic pipings, since they are usually made from recyclable materials and are quite resistant to corrosion. These are two benefits that are not mostly appreciated with plastic pipes.

    - Jaye Conaway