Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Wow, it's been a while since we last posted so figured we should put out an update to anyone still interested in what is going on!

So first thing we'll cover is issues, which aren't too terrible to date:
  1. Fireplace Warranty Recall - The control unit to the fireplace we have was part of a big recall, the issue being fairly serious. Sometimes when you start the fireplace, it will not light, meaning gas is still running with nothing to burn it. This obviously can be big if you don't realize it and let it fill up the room. The good thing about this was that both the fireplace manufacturer and Ryan Homes sent us correspondence with detailed information on the issue and how to determine if we were part of the recall. We are now just waiting on the outside company to perform the swap and have the fireplace currently off.
  2. Flooring Issue - This one is more of a bad install. We have been having a couple areas that are starting to feel like they are floating and one of the transition strips has come undone. Turns out that the planks for the laminate were not cut evenly and the transition strips were forced in place and over time they popped out. This caused a tripping hazard. We are playing phone tag with the company to come look at the floating issue and repair the the transition strip.
Now for what we have done so far!! (Sorry no pictures, but we will try and get some together this weekend when we have good light)

  1. Cleared Lot - We finished clearing out our lot completely and got it graded. We didn't get it fine toothed so we spent a couple hours out cutting up smaller roots and laying seed and straw (this DIY method saved about 400$).
  2. Fence - This one is more of a in progress. We have a company called T-MAC Construction Services coming out to install our fence around the entire backyard. The dogs are going to love this (as will I, because they can wear themselves out off leash with no worries). This company is the same company that does decks for Ryan Homes and they have a A+ on BBB. I am looking forward to seeing their work as they will be doing our deck in the spring as well.
  3. Dog - Not house related, but we have a new addition to our family!!! We rescued a Boxer from our local Animal Shelter. I will post pics of her as well, her name is Maggie. The fence is going to be a big deal for her as she is only about a year and a half and high energy.
I feel like there is more, but I am totally blanking currently... We will take pictures and upload them soon!!