Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Pictures!

A little later then I wanted, but here are some pictures!! We have a few projects in mind we hope to do over the winter and we will try and post as we complete them.

Rescue! This is Maggie

This is Gunner! We have had him since a pup.

A little old, but the front with rocking chairs and Thanksgiving decorations to the left.

Entrance to the back yard!

Ended up bigger then we had originally thought.

Since these pics were taken there is some Rye growing now.

Next big purchase will be the deck

Drive through gate

Since grass is growing now, we have let the dogs out when it is dry and they LOVE IT!

Walk through gate on other side.

Opposite view from about the middle of the house

Drive gate

I like that they went for the gradual curve and not like steps like some do

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Wow, it's been a while since we last posted so figured we should put out an update to anyone still interested in what is going on!

So first thing we'll cover is issues, which aren't too terrible to date:
  1. Fireplace Warranty Recall - The control unit to the fireplace we have was part of a big recall, the issue being fairly serious. Sometimes when you start the fireplace, it will not light, meaning gas is still running with nothing to burn it. This obviously can be big if you don't realize it and let it fill up the room. The good thing about this was that both the fireplace manufacturer and Ryan Homes sent us correspondence with detailed information on the issue and how to determine if we were part of the recall. We are now just waiting on the outside company to perform the swap and have the fireplace currently off.
  2. Flooring Issue - This one is more of a bad install. We have been having a couple areas that are starting to feel like they are floating and one of the transition strips has come undone. Turns out that the planks for the laminate were not cut evenly and the transition strips were forced in place and over time they popped out. This caused a tripping hazard. We are playing phone tag with the company to come look at the floating issue and repair the the transition strip.
Now for what we have done so far!! (Sorry no pictures, but we will try and get some together this weekend when we have good light)

  1. Cleared Lot - We finished clearing out our lot completely and got it graded. We didn't get it fine toothed so we spent a couple hours out cutting up smaller roots and laying seed and straw (this DIY method saved about 400$).
  2. Fence - This one is more of a in progress. We have a company called T-MAC Construction Services coming out to install our fence around the entire backyard. The dogs are going to love this (as will I, because they can wear themselves out off leash with no worries). This company is the same company that does decks for Ryan Homes and they have a A+ on BBB. I am looking forward to seeing their work as they will be doing our deck in the spring as well.
  3. Dog - Not house related, but we have a new addition to our family!!! We rescued a Boxer from our local Animal Shelter. I will post pics of her as well, her name is Maggie. The fence is going to be a big deal for her as she is only about a year and a half and high energy.
I feel like there is more, but I am totally blanking currently... We will take pictures and upload them soon!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Wow! It has been a busy month and a half! Moving went well and we couldn't  be happier in our new home! It is so nice to get out of our apartment and have more space! Since we have moved we have purchased new furniture, put up some blinds, cleared the rest of our lot, and unpacked all of or stuff. Of course since we lived in an apartment we had to purchase things such as a lawn mower, a grill, chain saw, and some more miscellaneous yard equipment that we didn't have. We had a nice little shopping spree.

A few weeks ago we had our 30 day meeting. There were a few things we noticed such a big hole in our dry wall in the corner of the linen closet up stairs. Someone did not do a good job putting up the shelves. Tisk tisk tisk. The door handles in the garage needs to be swapped out still.... and I have yet to see our new microwave door. It had a dent in it when we did our final walk though. Our PM said a new one was shipped to us, but no microwave door! Also one spot in the kitchen the laminate is kinda bent up a little like a bubble. Not crazy noticeable but just enough that I noticed, so we need to get that looked at and get that fixed. Slow going on getting everything fixed but I am confident we will get it all done.

Last weekend we coordinated with our neighbor to have a guy come in and clear the rest of our lots. We also got the trees in the middle of the two lots taken out. It was a good thing because they must have cut the roots of some of the trees between our lots when they were grading and some were starting to die... We are planning on putting up some Dogwood trees or Crape Myrtles between since we have a huge space between our houses. We also took out that maple tree they put in the front yard and replaced it with a nice Dogwood a few weeks ago. I like Dogwoods better then a massive maple in my front yard. We put the tree in the back yard instead.

We haven't been able to take pictures yet but now that things have slowed down a little we will get time post pictures :)

Monday, August 27, 2012


After some last minute scrambling to get verbal verfication of employment we finally closed on our house! It was getting down to the wire and we were kind of freaking out that we might not close because they decided to wait untill the last possble minute to get this. But that's all in the past now. Closing part went fairly quickly. It took just a little over an hour and we couldn't be happier with the house!

We moved the important stuff like cats, dog, bed, clothes and a few important stuff. We had margaritas and pizza on our amazing front porch! Tomorrow we will move all the rest and the fridge gets delivered too! 

We found out that our Chevy Silverado 2500HD just barely fits in the garage. Haha.

I'll post some more pics and updates later after we move and unpack.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Slightly Agravated

At 4:15 Friday afternoon we got an email from our loan officer saying that we needed to get verbal verification from our employer. Um what? We close Monday morning.

Trying to get any information from an organization on a Friday afternoon, after 4 PM, is going to be almost impossible. My husbands HR department had already left for the day and my HR department had already left for the day. Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of my direct supervisor to have him call our LO to verify my employment but since noone from my Husbands office was in we're potentially brickwalled from closing on Monday because of a verbal verification.

The crazy thing is my husband's company is under the same contract that my company owns, so they have proof that he does work for the contract. This was brought up but was dismissed. My husband had emailed and called them a couple times on Thursday (when we finally got our final loan approval) verifying that we were clear to close. So to say we were upset when this last minute silliness came up is an understatement. Oh and we just sent them our last pay stubs recently as well.

Has anyone else had this happen? Is verbal verification of employment the norm for purchasing a house? This is our fist house so we wouldn't know. But hopefully all goes well and we get this craziness behind us and close on Monday.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Final walk through, check!

We just had our final walk though today!! The house looks beautiful! It has been tested and inspected and we are all set!! A few small things like a ding in our lamp post (which we noticed last week in our meeting with our PM) and a small ding on the microwave door, but that's no big deal, a new lamp post should be here very soon and will get replaced tomorrow. The microwave door will get replaced instead of taking the whole thing out. We also have some leftovers of our flooring that we get to keep in case we want to replace or fix something, which I was happy about.

We also got a call while we were walking through the house and we got our final approval for the loan!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! We are all set for closing on Monday!!!! I am super excited!!!! Now we can finish packing this weekend and come Monday we will be home owners!!!  Super excited!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting closer!

Drove by the house today and we now have front porch railings and our door is painted! Woohoo!

Meanwhile on the mortgage side of the house we still haven't received our final approval and we're only 5 business days away from closing. Our final approval was submitted end of July and had a two week underwriting turnaround and then... their systems went down for a week. And now underwriting is trying to determine how my (Tommy) GI Bill benefits play into the loan that's holding them up. Also I had deposited a small 2k cash deposit before we officially started the process with Ryan Homes (and sent in earnest money deposit) back in the beginning of March. Well that cash was the result of me selling my car and I just held onto the cash for a while before depositing it. Now this deposit is an object of scrutiny and we're waiting on final word on that as well. Hopefully we will get final approval early next week, this anticipation and down to the wire process is stressing us out. Big time.