Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Pictures!

A little later then I wanted, but here are some pictures!! We have a few projects in mind we hope to do over the winter and we will try and post as we complete them.

Rescue! This is Maggie

This is Gunner! We have had him since a pup.

A little old, but the front with rocking chairs and Thanksgiving decorations to the left.

Entrance to the back yard!

Ended up bigger then we had originally thought.

Since these pics were taken there is some Rye growing now.

Next big purchase will be the deck

Drive through gate

Since grass is growing now, we have let the dogs out when it is dry and they LOVE IT!

Walk through gate on other side.

Opposite view from about the middle of the house

Drive gate

I like that they went for the gradual curve and not like steps like some do