Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Wow! It has been a busy month and a half! Moving went well and we couldn't  be happier in our new home! It is so nice to get out of our apartment and have more space! Since we have moved we have purchased new furniture, put up some blinds, cleared the rest of our lot, and unpacked all of or stuff. Of course since we lived in an apartment we had to purchase things such as a lawn mower, a grill, chain saw, and some more miscellaneous yard equipment that we didn't have. We had a nice little shopping spree.

A few weeks ago we had our 30 day meeting. There were a few things we noticed such a big hole in our dry wall in the corner of the linen closet up stairs. Someone did not do a good job putting up the shelves. Tisk tisk tisk. The door handles in the garage needs to be swapped out still.... and I have yet to see our new microwave door. It had a dent in it when we did our final walk though. Our PM said a new one was shipped to us, but no microwave door! Also one spot in the kitchen the laminate is kinda bent up a little like a bubble. Not crazy noticeable but just enough that I noticed, so we need to get that looked at and get that fixed. Slow going on getting everything fixed but I am confident we will get it all done.

Last weekend we coordinated with our neighbor to have a guy come in and clear the rest of our lots. We also got the trees in the middle of the two lots taken out. It was a good thing because they must have cut the roots of some of the trees between our lots when they were grading and some were starting to die... We are planning on putting up some Dogwood trees or Crape Myrtles between since we have a huge space between our houses. We also took out that maple tree they put in the front yard and replaced it with a nice Dogwood a few weeks ago. I like Dogwoods better then a massive maple in my front yard. We put the tree in the back yard instead.

We haven't been able to take pictures yet but now that things have slowed down a little we will get time post pictures :)