Monday, July 23, 2012

Lights, Tile, Faucets and Outlet Covers Oh My!

I think it's a requirement for us to visit the house when it either raining or about to rain. So needless to say some pictures look dark. Gotta love the afternoon summer thunder storms. Although it doesn't really bother me because we have an awesome porch we can sit on and watch the rain come down. :)

Today when we stopped by we have our tankless water heater in, most of the light fixtures (missing the chandelier) most of the outlet covers on, faucets installed, pedestal sink and toilets. :)

Master Bath tile

Tankless water heater

First floor powder room


Stuff that was in the pantry


Another light and smoke detectors!

Recessed lighting

Looks better with covers

Look at that shower!

Master bath

Master bath toilet

Dirty tub

Guest bath

Guest bath again

Pretty light fixtures

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stuff in the house!

Well the house is no longer an empty shell. We have cabinets, trim, counter tops in both bathrooms, concrete poured and doors! It's looking good!

Porch and walkway!


Look at that porch!

Looking in from the front door

Garage on the left and closet ahead



One of my favorite parts

Crown molding looks great!

More space to put stuff!

Making room for the railings!

Master bath

Love the granite we chose

Guest bath

Looking out to front door


Great detailing

More cool stuff in the kitchen

Look they spin!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shake shake shake!

We now have a garage door which was installed yesterday and shake siding!! I'm so love with it!! The cabinets were also delivered today too. There was a crew hard at work in the house when I drove up. The cabinets and trim should be installed tomorrow. Can't wait to see it tomorrow. Oh and the stair railings situation is worked out. The walls weren't supposed to be there. It was a goof they got a little carried away with the drywall haha. But the walls will be cut out and put the railings up when they are delivered. My PM was great and got back to me really quick about my questions. He's awesome!

Garage door (taken yesterday)

The siding is now complete

LOVE the shake siding! )

My cabinets are in there!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yay for Progress!

The last time I stopped by the house was 4 days ago and there was just the supplies for the drywall but not drywall or siding. Went by today and wow we have drywall complete and most of the siding! I was super excited when I saw it.

Although, I was disappointed when I saw that the bump out had regular siding and not the sake siding that was supposed to be there. Also, we got railings on the stairs and when I looked today there was a wall and no railings. :( Going to have to bring those two things up with the PM on Monday

And now here are the pictures!

Formal living and dining room

Looking into the house from the front door.
 There's supposed to be railings and not that wall on the stairs...


Morning room

Family room

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master Bath

Sitting room in the master

Looking into the loft from the master

No railings :(


The bump out is supposed to have shake siding...

Love the trim around the windows :)