Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yay for Progress!

The last time I stopped by the house was 4 days ago and there was just the supplies for the drywall but not drywall or siding. Went by today and wow we have drywall complete and most of the siding! I was super excited when I saw it.

Although, I was disappointed when I saw that the bump out had regular siding and not the sake siding that was supposed to be there. Also, we got railings on the stairs and when I looked today there was a wall and no railings. :( Going to have to bring those two things up with the PM on Monday

And now here are the pictures!

Formal living and dining room

Looking into the house from the front door.
 There's supposed to be railings and not that wall on the stairs...


Morning room

Family room

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master Bath

Sitting room in the master

Looking into the loft from the master

No railings :(


The bump out is supposed to have shake siding...

Love the trim around the windows :)


  1. Looking great! I really love your color choices and the trim around the windows!

  2. Thanks! We are so happy with they way they go together!

  3. That trim is really nice. Your family room looks like a bowling long:)

  4. I absolutely love the trim around the windows and how much larger they are than the others! It adds lots of charm to the porch! I hope you get the railings! Fingers crossed!

  5. Replies
    1. Yup drove by yesterday and they took down the siding on the bump out and they finished the rest of the siding :) We're waiting for the shake siding to come in so they can put it up. I can't wait to see it! Still waiting on word about the stair railings. My PM was out of town for a week and he came back to a boat load of work. Poor guy. So I think I'll cut him some slack. ;)

  6. The trim is Great!! Can't wait to see more pic's!!!