Friday, March 23, 2012


Tommy here,

So last night we sat down with our Ryan Homes rep and our Realtor and went over our contract and deposited our earnest money, we have officially hired Ryan Homes to build our house!! We are building the Rome Elevation C (although we are waiting to see the prices for elevation E which is set to be announced, it includes a front porch).

We made all of our color selections, although Ryan Homes does give you two weeks to where you can make any kind of changes, everything from a different home style to changes like siding colors and what not. My wife is more of the design person then I am so she may remember all of the choices, as I do not.

I do know we got gray siding and black shudders with the dark red door (I forget the name of the color, something with wine in it). We also got the cape cod style brick for the bottom of the house. Inside we chose our granite counter top color, but we are going to further explore our options on that by seeing more models. We got an in between color for the cabinets, like a medium dark wood (should have taken pictures huh?).

I'll break down and provide a list of all of the options we chose sometime, the big ones though being we got the morning room (actually was an incentive for using NVR), updated the kitchen with the huge island and got free granite counter tops! Added a fireplace, updated the master bath to include the partial glad stand up shower and soaking tub. I'll post a full list later.

Later today I'm going out to the lot and taking pictures before they clear it, try and get a picture series going from start to finish of the house build.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So begins the process...

Tommy here,

Rachel and myself have been looking at a few homes for a couple of weeks, maybe months now. We have found a couple that we like, but nothing that awed us, there was always something missing. The one house we loved, someone else did too and put in offer in and contracted.

We started looking into new construction and looked at a couple of model homes for various builders in the area. Of course all of the model homes looked good, but still nothing amazed us. We even looked at the other builder in the neighborhood we did finally choose and weren't hugely impressed. Then, we stumbled across Ryan Homes. The second phase of the neighborhood we chose just opened up for them, and we are only the second people to secure lots, the other house should be going up shortly.

To say it mildly, the Ryan Homes models amazed us, we looked at both the Ravenna and the Rome and decided with the Rome ultimately. It wasn't just the model homes either, we were also showed two actual construction homes, one with no floors yet (kind of weird seeing) and the other was a fully finished Rome that was just waiting for closing, it was amazing looking.

Yesterday we picked out which lot we wanted and put down the deposit to hold it. Thursday will be sitting down to go over the building contract. Both of us are really excited and we will post pictures as we go, let us know if you have any questions or comments!