Sunday, July 1, 2012

Update on Progress

We went out to see the new house and we have electrical, HVAC and insulation all complete! Friday we locked in our interest rates and have a tentative closing date of August 9th!! Woohoo!!

Now for some pictures!

Close enough right?

Lights on the front porch! Yeah!

Morning room

Looking into the house from the front door

Living room and dining room

Master bath tub with water!

Master bath shower

Oh oh! :( Poor tub
We noticed that the master bath tub was chipped and where the nail was put drilled in is kind of chipped too. :( This the second tub we gotten. The first one they ordered was backwards so they ordered this new one which is now chipped. Hopefully they can either fix it so that it looks new again or we will be working on tub number 3 for the master bath.

As for next week we have dry wall going up and possibly siding! Can't wait to see the siding with the brick front porch!


  1. Looking good! Love the backdrop behind your house.

  2. Wow! Your house is really coming along pretty fast!! Crossing fingers that the next tub is unharmed and uninjured!! How do you get that little guy to dance?

    1. It's an animated GIF. I think he's cute :)