Monday, July 23, 2012

Lights, Tile, Faucets and Outlet Covers Oh My!

I think it's a requirement for us to visit the house when it either raining or about to rain. So needless to say some pictures look dark. Gotta love the afternoon summer thunder storms. Although it doesn't really bother me because we have an awesome porch we can sit on and watch the rain come down. :)

Today when we stopped by we have our tankless water heater in, most of the light fixtures (missing the chandelier) most of the outlet covers on, faucets installed, pedestal sink and toilets. :)

Master Bath tile

Tankless water heater

First floor powder room


Stuff that was in the pantry


Another light and smoke detectors!

Recessed lighting

Looks better with covers

Look at that shower!

Master bath

Master bath toilet

Dirty tub

Guest bath

Guest bath again

Pretty light fixtures


  1. Looks great! I can't wait to get light fixtures and appliances!

  2. Looking good! Looks like your move-in is just around the corner.

  3. BTW. Tankless is the way to go. Too bad it was not offered when we were doing our selections.

    1. It's interesting how much things can change with Ryan Homes from area to area. We were told tankless is the standard for Ryan Homes now as part of their Energy Star initiative/compliance.

    2. Hi there, we are just in planning stages now and we were also told that tankless is standard. Could you give me your impressions on it now that you've had it for some time? Specifically I've read some people complain about limited supply, and slow to deliver

  4. Awesome!!! You're almost done! I love the shower/tub surround tile work. Do you happen to know how much that upgrade cost? We haven't had that meeting yet and I want to do that tile soooo much. It would be nice to know before we go.

  5. Looking great! Also love that shower/tub surround -- especially that extra trim tile. Very nice!

  6. Tankless water heater?? Nice!! Those are awesome! That wasn't an option when we built our Ryan home two years ago. I'm sure you'll love it. Beautiful home, btw.

    1. i noticed that you have the upgrade master bath without the seat? We also chose that option but just discovered that the shower is not fully glass with this option, and that there willl be a "wall" between the shower and tub. Do you have pictures of the "wall"? We were very surprised about this wall, as we assumed that the shower would be glass regardless if there was a seat or not. Thanks!

    2. Actually i spoke too soon and saw your pics of the shower on your other posts. It looks ok i suppose, have some natural light coming in. I think we will go with it like you did.