Friday, August 3, 2012

Loads of Pictures!!

The house is coming along great! We are so happy with it. Our neighbors closed on their house and their landscaping looks great! I'm excited for ours to get here. We have already seen the blue tape show up for the things that they need to fix. The laminate is in and the carpet should be in the beginning of next week. We also have power which is what the PM has been waiting for to continue forward! The columns should be in soon, they keep sending the wrong columns. They sent the wrong ones twice now and not just a little off, they sent 5ft tall columns and our porch is 9 ft. haha. Our PM was shaking his head when he told us. But third times the charm right? Just 24 days left!! Down hill slide!

Although on another note, NVR is starting to slightly get on my nerves. In our first initial meeting we brought everything we needed and gave them both copy 1 and 4 of my husband's DD214 since we were using the VA home loan. Well since then they have requested documents we have already provided a few times. They sent us an email saying the VA needed Copy 4 of DD214 (was provided at initital meeting) and then about a week ago they needed another bank statement from April (turned in about a month back) and then a few days ago requested explanation of a deposit back in March. Really? We have sent it to them numerous times. Why do you need it again? Oh and they wanted by COB that day. They told us our documents were ready to have been sent to underwriting and then they ask for some more documents weeks later? Come on. Get everything you need the first time. Jeez. It would be nice to just have one lengthy list, send it all in and then have nothing on our end holding us back. Other then that everything has been fine. 

Now for the pictures! These are the ones I took  them with my phone since I didn't have my camera with me so bear with the quality.

Master Bath

Second floor hall closet

Look at those railings!

The shower door has magnets!

railings and light fixture

A little blurry


Railings look much better!
The laminate goes in the kitchen & morning room

Close up of some left over of our flooring

Can't wait to take the covers off!

We have a driveway!

Now for the kitchen with the granite counter tops!! Now these were taken before the flooring went in. Hopefully next week we can take the cover off and carpet is going in next Monday or Tuesday and we will be able to see it all!

Dusty granite

Close up!

Love this sink!


  1. What color cabinets did you get? I love them! Everything is looking great!

    1. We got Maple Cognac I do believe. I have to go back and check.

  2. Hi Rachel and Tommy, everything looks so nice!! I love how the granite matches your cabinetry! I am still in love with your elevation for the Rome! BTW--the Ryan Homes drive way sign is a nice touch to keep people away!

    You are right--the repetitive requests for documentation is popular. So I decided to keep our paperwork on a thumb drive for both my husband and I to carry with us at all times. I also plan to include a folder in our email in case I need to send from my iphone.

    1. They don't want people parking their vehicles on the driveway just yet because it will cause indents. And we were told we can't park our moving truck on the driveway when we move in either since it will cause indents.

  3. We had the same issue with NVR the week before closing! We felt way more organized than they seemed to be! Just focus on the good coming up and the beauty of your home!!! Congrats!!!

  4. Awesome! Everything looks wonderful.

  5. Is that Santa Cecilia? If so, you got a great batch. Looking good!

  6. You are getting very close. Thanks for sharing. Hope to be where you are soon.

  7. Awesome! Just as an aside, our SR showed us pictures of "an elevation E being built nearby" so we'd have an idea what ours will look like...and they were pictures of your house! I recognized it! She was surprised when I was able to tell her what neighborhood you were in. It was really quite entertaining. :)

  8. Love your house and fridge! Can't wait to see more pic's.