Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sod and lots of blue tape

We had a meeting with our PM today and the house looks BEAUTIFUL!! The other day hubby and I were worried because it seemed like there was so much to do in less then two weeks but now we are almost done. We got our sod and finally our columns! They had to actually make them because people fail at getting the right order. Our PM was kinda frustrated with the company they order from because the three times he tried to order it they failed! But the columns they made look beautiful!!! :) Although he now has to put a rush order on the railings to get them in before our final walk though. Also we have lots of blue tape on the walls and the touch ups begin. We are supposed to get our stove, washing machine and dryer tomorrow.

We have finally started the packing process. There will be no more moving after this. We have a lot of stuff for one little apartment. Almost exactly a year ago we were packing and moving to the area into our little apartment. I'm ready to get the moving process over and be in my new house!

Reason number 862 why I love my house! :)

 One of the front porch windows got broken. We were doing so good about not having a broken window. I may have jinxed it when I was talking to a co-worker last week about not having broken windows. Oh well.

Looking into the house from front door

Formal living and dining room

Formal living/dining room and random transition strip. lol

Looking into the front door

Family room

Looking form the kitchen to the formal living/dining room

Pantry and blue tape!

1st floor powder room

"Mudroom" as RH calls it

Our landscaping tree!


  1. Looking awesome! I really love those columns. They did great work!

  2. I love the front porch... and the columns look great!

  3. Can I live here? Really great feel inside! Hurry up and move in already!

  4. Hi Rachel/Tommy, every time I see the progression on your home, I fall in love with the ROME all over again. Your forever home is so BEAUTIFUL! The lightening on the porch and columns look awesome! When is your settlement date?

    1. Thank you! We love it so much!! We close on the 27th!

  5. Hi! First time visiting your blog. I love the Rome model! I'm building a Ryan Homes townhome but would love to build this model one day.

  6. Love the porch and they did a great job on the columns!

  7. I love your front porch!! After seeing pictures of all the Rome houses on the blogs, I wish we would have built that model. RH didn't have any Rome models to show us. Our home is going to be plenty big enough for us but the Rome just has such a nice layout.

  8. I love the columns on your porch! The brick around it is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Gorgeous! Beautiful elevation. Wish that was available when we built. --Steve D.