Sunday, August 12, 2012

We bought a fridge!

Last night we went out and bought a fridge! We herd from a lot of people about Sears scratch and dent selection and how you can get appliances for cheap just because of one scratch or dent. So we made our way up there to have a look. It's a huge warehouse full of appliances (tons of fridges) work out equipment, mattresses, grills, outdoor supplies and more.

We were going to buy a new side by side GE, because it was in our budget and we wanted the fridge to match the other appliances we were getting through RH. But after looking at the hundreds of fridges at the Sears Outlet Store we found several french door fridges that were in our price range that had very minimal scratches on the side where you wouldn't even see it. We finally decided on a Samsung 29 cu. ft french door fridge that was also energy star qualified! We loved it because it has an extra drawer where you can adjust the temperature and we can put our wine bottles there! Since hubby and I love wine that was a big selling feature for us. It was originally a $3,200 fridge but we only paid $1,700! Score!!! And we still got a 3 year warranty on it as well! The warranty is full blown, if it breaks and can't be fixed we get a brand new replacement, and they come service it once a year.

Here's the picture of our fridge:
Here's the inside:


  1. I've been looking at Best Buy and HH Gregg. But I think I should check out a sratch and dent. I noticed you don't close for 2 weeks. Will they hold it in their warehouse until you close?

    1. They will hold it :) And they will deliver it after we close. There are some that are really rough, but there are some that the only scratch is on the side.

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  3. Amazing deal! Clearly a good weekend for buying fridges. =)

  4. That's a good looking fridge!

  5. How well did the 29-cubic-foot refrigerator fit within the alloted space in your new kitchen? We have a big family, but want to make sure a large fridge fits.