Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stuff in the house!

Well the house is no longer an empty shell. We have cabinets, trim, counter tops in both bathrooms, concrete poured and doors! It's looking good!

Porch and walkway!


Look at that porch!

Looking in from the front door

Garage on the left and closet ahead



One of my favorite parts

Crown molding looks great!

More space to put stuff!

Making room for the railings!

Master bath

Love the granite we chose

Guest bath

Looking out to front door


Great detailing

More cool stuff in the kitchen

Look they spin!


  1. You are getting close! I like the front porch that comes with that elevation.

  2. I am still sooo jealous of your brick steps!! What color is your siding?

    1. Second this on the brick steps... very jealous.

    2. Our siding is called graphite grey. I'm also in love with our steps, it's one of the many things I love about this house!

  3. You have elevation E, with a front porch? We were told there wasn't an elevation with a porch for the Rome, and we're building over in Glen Allen! I'm going to have to send an upset email on Monday, because a porch was a major want for me. We just sent in our contract this week so we're still pretty new to the game.

    1. Hi Amanda, when we first submitted our contract agreement, we were told that we could not get the porch because it was not part of our community selections. Then, I tried to negotiate to extend the concrete on Elevation C to create a porch. My SR said she wasn't sure and I would have to check with the PM who said he had to follow the blueprints. I saw that they were offering the porch in Waldorf, MD; but again, they said it was community specific. Long story short, I went back to our SR to share my desires because the new brochure for the Rome had the elevation E. Well, before I could get share my discontent, she told me she just signed a contract for another home owner with Elevation E and that they were now offering it in our community. I believe you still have time to ask for what you want since you just signed your contract. Where is Glen Allen? What community?

    2. We saw a Rome that had the front porch, and we LOVED it. Although our SR said that they created the front porch for them because long story short the neighborhood they ended up building in required a front porch and they created on for then. Our SR went back and forth with RH and they said they were working on a porch elevation for this community. It was past the two weeks where we could change things and I was bummed that we didn't get it, but then our SR told us that they would allow us to add it in since we had wanted to in the beginning and how much it would cost. We immediately agreed. Our SR is AWESOME!!! I would talk to your SR. A little negotiation can go a long way.

    3. Wow! This turned out nicely! It's nothing like getting what your heart desires! Yay for front porches!

    4. I'm not going to push for the porch, I have two other non-standards that I think are more important to me. The plan is to find out more about it, how much and so on, but if he still says no I'll drop it.

      Rachel and Tommy, we're not neighbors but we're pretty darn close...I'd love it if you'd follow my Rome blog too:

      I'm definitely going to follow your blog closely, since it's not impossible that we'd have some of the same workers come do our house. Gotta keep my eyes open! :)

    5. Amanda, I would think since you're in the Richmond area we would all be under the same district for Ryan Homes and the porch would be available now for y'all as well. I went ahead and added you to our blog list to follow. :)

    6. Surprisingly, there are two divisions...we started out in the West division but had to switch to a new neighborhood that's in East. So we're almost certainly in the same division now. And our new SR knows all about the porch! We're going to price it out with the E elevation and see what the numbers look like, I've got my fingers crossed! Looking at your pictures, there's a bump-out in the loft...but the bedrooms on either side are even with each other? The Mechanicsville model is one of the newer elevations and I think one of the bedrooms is farther forward than the other.

  4. Love your selections and as most have said--that front porch is amazing!!!! We'd love to extend our small overhang one day since it wasn't an option in our community.

  5. Love the porch for sure, wish we would have gotten the shake siding. Looking forward to following you the rest of the way.