Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Absence and big update

Hey all,

Ok I know it's been a while since we have last posted. We are still building a house but just have been fairly busy and there was a period where there was a lot of waiting. To catch you up quickly and than some pictures!!

We contracted the house before the neighborhood was even officially listed, so we had to wait on the county to certify a lot of things and even Plat the lots. Once that was done and the roads were initially paved, our info was sent up to the VA Appraiser and that's where things got ugly. The VA Appraiser in this area has 10 BUSINESS days to do his appraisal, well 18 business days later he finally came through. This put us back about 3 weeks total. Good thing about it, he appraised the house higher than what we're paying :D

First some selection pictures (I know, we're very late getting this to you guys).
Kitchen Colors w/ Carpet selection
Kitchen Selection
Guest Bathroom
Outside color selections (Cape Cod style)
Master Bath!!!

Now that the selections are out of the way, here are pictures of the lot, and the ground breaking/footers.

Lot when first cleared
Breaking Ground - 1 (Our neighbors house is moving along quick!!)
Breaking Ground - 2
More of the Footer!
 Ok, so now that physical progress is being made we will make sure to get daily pics going! Things are going to start going really quickly from here. They said the foundation will probably be in progress by Thursday. Again, sorry for us going AWOL there for a bit but we will make sure to keep everyone in the loop. This is the exciting part here :)


  1. The VA appraised your home before they built it? Interesting. They are appraising ours afterwards.

  2. Yeah I was a little surprised when I heard that as well. I guess they wanted to make sure the house would be worth what they were charging before they invested money and started. I don't know if that was a Ryans Home requirement or a VA thing, but I lean towards Ryans Home.

  3. Rachel so they went out and appraised the home already before construction? Did you have to contact them or did Ryan Homes do it? I will have to go through the same process so I'm trying to make sure I have everything in order.

    1. Ryan Homes sent off the all the specs of the house with the plans all the features we chose. Most of the time I herd it's a painless processes but in our case we got the slacker who took his sweet time to appraise it.