Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Looking like a home!!

Went out yesterday to take a look at the house and guess what? It is looking like a house!! They started the roof framing yesterday and are expected to finish up today. We met our PM, Dave, out at the site to go over some questions (mainly cosmetic stuff) and to walk the lot lines. He gave us a little update and we're looking at having roofing started Wednesday (tomorrow!!!) and then early next week the plumbing and electric with inspections middle of the week.

I have a 2 week training for the Marines so I won't be around for the "official" pre-drywall walk-through potentially so we're going to walk through next Friday so he can show me how things are going than. However, there's a chance that we might be at that point regardless by next Friday so we shall see. Oh and we should be able to lock in our rates at the end of this week!! So we're almost halfway there, it's crazy exciting.

We've been really lucky with only having a small rain while the wood was out and nothing really since framing has started and none projected for the next week or so which is going to be awesome! We should have a roof by than. Ok, now for the stuff you really care about. Pictures!!

We have a front door!

Roof framing in progress!
In progress

End of day results

Looks like a monster from the side!

Windows! And garage service door (you can kinda see it)


  1. Congrats! They will be complete with the home in no time. Do you guys have a tentative closing date yet?

  2. Not yet, but I have a feeling we will know pretty soon!

  3. It looks fantastic! How exciting!

  4. I absolutely love the brick steps on your ROME! And the brick to grade, it definitely adds personality I have not seen on a ROME! Good luck with your 2-week training, sounds like lots of work! But worth it! Thank your for your service.

    1. I agree the brick looks great for the steps and the porch.