Friday, June 8, 2012

Foundation and Brick!

Things are beginning to move quickly now! Our footers were in place on Monday and last night we went out and we have foundation with the brick wrapped already. They started and finished the foundation yesterday. They may have some little things to do here and there with it still, but this is a big step. Hopefully we will hear from the PM on what they plan to do next week sometime soon, if not we'll email and ask.

Our neighbors house (also a Ryans Home) is moving quickly, they have a front door now! We also met them for the first time earlier this week (they don't seem to go out to their lot that often). They seem to be a nice couple so far, the husband had a inspector buddy of his out and he said that the construction was very good quality. That's great to hear!

I've been mulling over the idea of whether I should have a third-party inspector come out before the final walk through, I've heard some people in blogs do it and than it turns out everything is great. Any thoughts?

We did have one disappointment recently, when we originally chose this neighborhood we were told that all of the houses were going to be dimensional shingles and we love the look of them. However, we were told (Ryan Homes word) that the developer decided to change the image of the neighborhood a little and are not going with them anymore. It's weird because all of the houses in stage one (a different builder) all have them and now the back, stage 2, will have panel shingles. It's not devastating as we weren't paying for it (it was going to be a standard), but just a small disappointment. Overall though, Ryan Homes has been great with everything we've dealt with them and our PM has also been very open to communication and the couple of times I've emailed him he has replied extremely quickly.

Side/Front Foundation/Brick
Our Stairs!

Foundation for the porch (super excited!!)
Equipment! Oh and there's a house behind it :)


  1. I wish our foundation was wrapped with brick like that! It looks great! I'm also jealous of the brick stairs! That wasn't even an option for us.

    1. I notice in your pictures they've done the basement laying so far. You're not going to have any brick wrap above the basement at all? The brick stairs were never really proposed as an option, never actually thought about what they would look like until they were put up but I like them :)

    2. The whole front of our house will be brick, including the foundation. The rest will just be siding. The forms they used to pour our foundation are shaped like brick so I guess that's still nice. Our stairs will just be poured concrete.

    3. Oh ok, I was trying to picture how it would look without brick haha. It's sorta interesting how much differently they do things in different areas, because I think all of the houses I have seen around here by Ryan have brick steps. But than again, I've never really paid too much attention. I'll have to keep my eye out now to see.

  2. I agree there with CMM, the brick around the base and the stairs really add to the look of the home.

  3. Gee, your brick looks awesome on the foundation and the steps! Very nice elevation! You are also lucky to get elevation E with the front porch. I requested it but our community would not allow it. I also requested stone to grade because we are getting two extra windows in the basement and I think it would look fabulous on the house. In meantime, we are still waiting to hear back from them.