Monday, June 11, 2012

Furniture Fun!

We found out through another fellow blogger CMM on her blog Building our Yorkshire with Ryan Homes a great tid bit of information. Thank you for sharing by the way! La-Z-Boy offer's a FREE in-home design service! Hubby and I stopped by the store over the weekend to check it out. They have lots of great choices of furniture as well as LOTS of color choices for each item! and by lots I mean 1100 fabrics! We tested out some of their sofas and chairs and they are stylish as well as comfy! They had a display showing some of the designs they have done over time with before and after pics and they look really great. They can incorporate your existing furniture and accent pieces which is nice too. Since we are going from a 900 square foot apartment to a four bedroom house we will  have lots of empty space! They said that they keep your designs on file so that you can get furniture over time or you can do financing.

While we were there we spoke with a few of their employees as well as one of the design consultants. Everyone was very nice and we will definitely be using them when the house gets further along. Once we have everything built we will set an appointment to have them come out and take measurements and pictures to get a feel of the place and have them do the whole downstairs so that it all flows nicely.

They also have a really cool 3-D room planner online that I  have been playing around with. You can change the color of the wall, carpet and furniture to the colors you want in your home. It's been a lot of fun messing with the furniture placement and colors.


  1. Glad I could help! We already ordered our furniture since it takes two months to get anything that you customize. We met with the interior designer too and it was a ton of fun! She helped us pick out a rug, coffee table, accent tables, artwork and even showed us what colors to paint our family room. I would have been lost if I had to do all of that myself!

  2. That's exciting! Can't wait to see it! I'm lost on the whole decorating thing too. I know what looks good, just don't ask me to create it. haha. I'm so glad they offer this. I'm getting together some pics of the kinds of styles we like and don't like since we're all over the place in our style preference.